Taxi Test Training

The Taxi Test – Overview

In some council areas, before you are issued with a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Drivers Licence you must pass a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire DVSA test.

The DVSA strongly recommended that you take professional instruction prior to taking the test. At Flexdrive we are experienced in teaching the taxi requirements to “good” drivers – we all think we are better drivers than we actually are, this can sometimes require a very tactful approach.

Taxi test training

The Taxi test is meant to reflect modern driving practices. The DVSA standard is at a level suitable for somebody with a full driving licence, but the test route is harder and longer (around 40 mins) than a normal learner test. You are allowed a maximum of 9 minor driving faults. For example not checking your mirrors effectively prior to slowing will get you 1 minor driving fault at the very least!

You must provide a roadworthy vehicle suitable for the purpose of the test, which must include head restraints and seat belts follow this link for more information on vehicles suitable for test. Obviously Flexdrive cars are suitable.

The Eyesight test

The examiner will check your eyesight at the start by you reading a number plate at a distance of 20.5 m (20 m for the new style plate). If you fail to read it the the driving part of the test is failed, but will still be able to continue with the wheelchair section.

The taxi Practical Test

In the test you should drive in a your normal/natural way, the examiner will notice if you are putting on an act and it won’t last. The examiner will give you instructions clearly and in good time.

1 in 3 tests get and emergency stop. There will be 2 manoeuvres, 1 of your choice. Your training with us will show you how to compete these safely and effectively.

There will be ten minutes of independent driving, and a number of “parking” situations explored as if you were picking up or setting down a fare.

At all times you are expected to :

Know and act on all road markings and traffic signs.

Drive at a safe speed with adequate separation distances for the road and traffic conditions.

Judge and plan appropriately when meeting, overtaking and crossing traffic.

There will be basic safety check questions asked regarding your vehicle. For vehicles designed for wheelchair access, you will have to demonstrate your safety and security knowledge. There will be Highway Code questions including road signs. Other Cabology questions may include details about tyres pressures, width and length of the vehicle you are driving and what you would do if lost property was found in your cab.

The Costs

£35 per hour and we will provide a copy of the highway code and a list of the actual Cabology test questions for revision.

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