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We all should be trying to minimise our own carbon footprint. Motorists can can play a huge role in this by simply changing their driving style.

This will save you fuel, reduce emissions and you will therefore save money and probably enjoy your driving more as the drive become less stressful and more comfortable.

8.5% average fuel savings can easily be made by Eco-safe driving.

Flexdrive driving lessons include as a matter of course eco safe driving techniques with instruction on:

Eco Foot print
Awareness and Planning – AKA hazard perception
Complying with the Speed limit and appropriate speed.
Moving off efficiently
Effective gear changing.
Effective use of gas pedal.
Using gas sense to fully utilise engine braking – braking wastes fuel!!
Use engine power/engine braking
Review of what you are carrying in the car to minimise overall weight
Effective route planning which helps avoid traffic congestion
Check on tyre pressures
and lots more
If you can adopt these changes, you’ll become a more economical driver, be kinder to the environment and may enjoy your driving more as you will get less stressed.

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