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Train to become a Driving Instructor (ADI) with Flexdrive Driving School.

We offer all the training/coaching and support needed to gain the necessary skills to become a top quality ADI and we are actively looking for the best and like minded people to join us at Flexdrive.

Flexdrive’s ethos is simply to provide the best coaching to help people develop into confident, self aware, independent and safe drivers. The ADI training reflects this.

Driving Instructor – The Job.

An ADI cannot teach new drivers how to deal with every exact situation they may come across, even for the test. The goal is to develop/enhance their own abilities to self evaluate, solve problems and apply this to their own experiences.

We offer flexible payment profiles. PAYG is the most popular so no huge lump sum payments are needed.

We are very flexible as to when to train, so It’s a really good way of working towards a new career whilst still continuing with existing employment/lifestyle.

No previous experience is necessary, but being an ADI doesn’t suit everybody. We are unwilling to lead people down the training path if it they are unlikely to be successful in the training programme, this includes the very tough final qualification exams. We will therefore carry out an initial assessment prior to acceptance onto the the programme – this will look at your potential to do the job and a full written report will be provided at the end.

Flexdrive is based in Earls Barton – all training and coaching is carried out by Chris Howard, owner of Flexdrive Driving School.

If this strikes a chord or you would like more details about the training and/or the driving school, they can be found on our website at www.flexdrive.co.uk or call Chris on 01604 813660 or 07760160650.

Standards Check coming up?

Would you like some help or just a reference to validate your skills?

Failed the 1st and want to ensure you are better prepared?


Why Flexdrive

QUALIFIED – EXPERIENCED – PROFESSIONAL Driving instructor training.

Chris Howard, our grade A Coach carries out all the driving instructor training.

We have:

  • Excellent Pass Rates and References – We will happily provide these upon request.
  • Integrated, personalised and carefully planned training courses – we minimise training time by integrating the 3 parts as much as possible.
  • FLEXibility built in – to fit around you. You can usually keep working whilst training.
  • Fantastic working relationships with the DVSA examiners.
  • PAYG – no big lump sums – £45 per hr plus an £300 for all training materials.

The Steps

You can start applying to become an approved driving instructor (ADI).
Get a criminal record check for driving instructors.
Apply to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to start the qualifying process.
Take and pass the 3 ADI qualifying tests.
Apply for your first ADI badge.

Minimum Requiements

  • Hold a full British, EU or Northern Ireland car driving licence
  • Have held it for four out of the past six years on the date you pass your final exam.
  • Have no more than 6 points on your licence;
  • Be able to read a vehicle number plate at 27.5m (90ft).
  • Allow the Government (DVSA) to complete Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check

Start the .gov application HERE

Start Learning to Drive Today

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The 3 exams

Section 1 – The Theory

Multiple Choice 100 Questions

4 Question bands – min 80% per band, Overall 85% required

Band – 1 – Road Procedure

Band – 2 –

Traffic Signals and Signs
Pedestrian Safety
Car Controls
Basic Mechanical Knowledge

Band – 3 –

The Law
The Practical Driving Test

Band – 4 –

Instructional Techniques

Section 2 – Hazard Perception

This is a test of your response time. It is made up of of 14 video film clips, in which there are various Hazards – 1 clip has 2 Hazards. A hazard in these terms is anything which might make you change direction or speed. You are scored on how fast you see the developing hazard in a window ranging from 5 to 0 points. To pass you must get at least 57 from an available 75.

Both Section 1 and 2 need to passed at the same time.

We can provide you with a complete study pack in addition to the very good DVD’s available today.

We can provide study classes on a 1 to basis if required, but certainly guidance and support.

Test locations are Milton Keynes, Northampton, Luton, peterborough and Cambridge.

Studying at Home is ESSENTIAL.

Part Two – Driving

A 1 hour driving test taking in all road types

You are allowed am maximum of only 6 Driving Faults – you need to drive to a high standard.

The test is taken in Luton, Bletchley, or Northampton

The One to One training normally takes place in Northampton

The average number of 2 hour training sessions is 5, and the test is taken in our training vehmallicle.

Part 3 – Instructional Ability – the hard bit!
This is a hard test to pass, but with the correct training it is straightforward.

This has recently changed (12/17) to a Standards Check similar to that which qualified ADI’s currently and routinely have to do. The examiner simply sits in the back and watches you take a lesson. Its 1 hour long, this is with a real pupil, there is no role play. You will be graded at the end of the test in the same way the Standards check is usually graded.

Typically it takes between 35 and 45 hours of training with lots of private practice to achieve a 1st time pass.

Unless otherwise agreed, the 1 to 1 training is based mainly in Northampton, although the test can be taken in Luton, Bletchly, Kettering or Northampton. You would normally use our training vehicle for the training and Test.

Start Learning to Drive Today

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The costs

DEPOSIT: Covers: All Administration, All books and publications,
access to all on line learning materials £300.00
PART 1 – Theory: Self Study
PART 2 – Driving: Average six hours. £45 per hour. £270.00
PART 3 – Instructional: Minimum thirty hours. £45.00 per hour.
(forty hours for Trainee Licence option). £1350.00
Part One £81.00
Part Two £111.00
Part Three £111.00
MINIMUM (First attempt passes) £2223.00

AVERAGE (40 hours for part 3) £2673.00



Remember you pay as you train!

Once qualified, a registration fee of £300.00 is payable to The Driving Standards Agency and is renewed every four years.

We are able to be very competitive with our prices because unlike all the national companies we do not have huge office and staff overheads, not to mention enormous advertising costs!
We would never consider gimmicks or attractive buy one get one free deals. We do not need to!
If you are disciplined and keep up your home study we are the best value you will find for the quality!

Start Learning to Drive Today

Give us a call to schedule your first driving lesson

Trainee Licence Option

Its called a “Pink Licence”. The objective is to allow you to start teaching and earning whilst gaining experience prior to your part 3. You can only apply for this after you have passed your part 2, where the examiner will provide you with an application form.

The rules are:

Only valid for 6 months
You must have had 40 hours of part 3 training by an appropriate trainer – records of this must be kept.
Your sponsoring establishment must have equal qualified ADI’s to sponsored PDI’s.
You are not fully qualified and must not advertise yourself as such.
You will have to carry out a full DSB (formally CRB) Check.
You must be supervised for 1/5th of your teaching time or have a further 20 hours Part 3 training.
Or alternatively Flexdrive can:

Let you sit in the back and watch our instructors work – no cost
Actually take a lesson with your trainer sitting in the back – just a usual Part 3 hourly rate.
This will allow you gain the experience that might just give you the edge for that valuable “passed my Part 3 1st time” accolade.