The Theory Test

This must be booked, taken and passed before you can book your practical test.

The theory test has two parts; a multiple choice test and a hazard perception test.
To gain your Theory Certificate you must pass both parts. There is lots of good help available for the multiple choice part: online tests, books etc, but there is no substitute for thoroughly reading the Highway Code – that’s all of it!!! Similar help is available for the Hazard Perception part.

I recommend the DVD from Focus Multimedia. This is available at many places e.g. supermarkets, Amazon. There are other useful sites for practice.

Passed your practical driving test – and now ready to go solo

The examiner will take both parts of your old licence and arrange for your full licence to be sent to the address you have confirmed at the start of the test. You will get a “temporary Driving licence”, a certificate to prove you passed your test. Every newly qualified driver must go through a probationary period of two years after passing their driving test. Your licence will be revoked (under the new Drivers act) if you build up 6 penalty points within 2 years of passing your driving test. You’ll have to re-apply for a provisional licence and resit your driving test so please continue to drive to the high standards you showed during your driving Test.

Failed – and maybe a little more practice

The examiner will give you and your instructor feedback as to why and make suggestions for improvments.

The Practical Driving Test

The National pass rate (all tests taken) is now 44%, so it is appropriate and cost effective that you are well prepared to pass first time. The test itself can be booked here. We would suggest that this is only booked with the agreement of your instructor as they are best placed to advise when you are ready.

The driving test is simply a test of your ability to drive safely, know and comply with the Highway Code and can validate this through your driving.

What will the test include?

The test will include a check on your Provisional Driving Licence and your theory certificate and an eyesight test. You will be asked to read a number plate at 20.5m so please ensure you wear your glasses. If you are unable to read the number plate the test will be terminated. You can use this to have a quick check for fun, your instructor will formally check your eyesight by reading a number plate on your first lesson.

After the eyesight test you will be asked 1 show me/tell me questions and later, on the move 1 more. You will be examined on your general driving, including 1 manoeuvre and an optional (chosen by the examiner) emergency stop and 20 minute independent driving element.

What Happens During the Test?

During the driving test the examiner will give you directions which you should follow. You would normally drive for 35-40 minutes and should drive as you have been taught. Mistakes do happen – Don’t panic, it maybe a less serious driving fault which may not affect your result. You are allowed 15 driving faults and still pass (16+ is a fail). BUT, if you commit 1 serious or 1 dangerous fault you will fail. During the test, your examiner will terminate it if he thinks you are a danger to yourself or other road users. You are allowed to take someone with you on the test. This person must be over 16 years old and cannot take any part in the test. An interpreter may only interpret!

Driving Test Standard

Examiners test to the same standard, there are NO pass or fail quota. So as long as you demonstrate the required standard i.e you are safe, you will pass your driving test. If you decide to not finish the test, you will have to take another test at your cost.
Weather Conditions
The DVSA does not conduct tests in bad light or in adverse weather conditions for the safety of the candidate, examiner and other road users. They will reschedule the test at no cost to the candidate.

Ready to take the test?

This is sometimes difficult to determine by the candidate, not so by your instructor. Simply speaking, if you can drive for 35-40mins without intervention, verbal or otherwise from your instructor and carry out your manoeuvres consistently well i.e. 3 times on the trot – you’re ready. This would normally be confirmed by a successful Mock Test. book