The 1995 New Drivers Act

After you pass your driving test, the New Drivers Act immediately kicks in:

New drivers need to continue to drive carefully and safely…..or else!

Flexdrive driving school | speed camera signIf you accrue 6 or more penalty points on your licence within this 2 year period the DVLA will withdraw your entitlement to drive.

If this happens you will be back to square 1, new learner rules apply, apply for a provisional licence, take and pass your theory test and finally retake that driving test. You will probably take some lessons again to ensure you haven’t picked up any bad habits!!

There is no points reset. Any existing penalty points on your provisional licence before you passing will count towards the total of 6 points detailed above, so any more in that 2 year period would lead to our licence being revoked.

For more infomation please see the GOV.UK for more information on the New Drivers Act.