Manual and Automatic ADI franchise opportunity to cover Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby and the surrounding areas.

Train to become a Driving Instructor (ADI) with Flexdrive Driving School.

We offer all the training/coaching and support needed to gain the necessary skills to become a top quality ADI and we are actively looking for the best and like minded people to join us at Flexdrive.

Flexdrive’s ethos is simply to provide the best coaching to help people develop into confident, self aware, independent and safe drivers. The ADI training reflects this.

Driving Instructor – The Job.

An ADI cannot teach new drivers how to deal with every exact situation they may come across, even for the test. The goal is to develop/enhance their own abilities to self evaluate, solve problems and apply this to their own experiences.

We offer flexible payment profiles. PAYG is the most popular so no huge lump sum payments are needed.

We are very flexible as to when to train, so It’s a really good way of working towards a new career whilst still continuing with existing employment/lifestyle.

No previous experience is necessary, but being an ADI doesn’t suit everybody. We are unwilling to lead people down the training path if it they are unlikely to be successful in the training programme, this includes the very tough final qualification exams. We will therefore carry out an initial assessment prior to acceptance onto the the programme – this will look at your potential to do the job and a full written report will be provided at the end.

Flexdrive is based in Earls Barton – all training and coaching is carried out by Chris Howard, owner of Flexdrive Driving School.

If this strikes a chord or you would like more details about the training and/or the driving school, they can be found on our website at or call Chris on 01604 813660 or 07760160650.

We are growing fast and need some help. If you are an ADI who likes what he reads here, has a similar view on Driver Training/Instruction/coaching and would like to be very busy please contact Chris Howard on 07760160650 to discuss the opportunity.

  • Franchise opportunityGraduated Franchise fee Structure starting at £40/week for Full Time, Part Time by negotiation
  • No pupil introduction fees
  • 4 weeks/year fee free
  • Free Standards Check(the new one) Training and CPD
  • All Stationary (progress records, business cards etc) provided free

Due to the growing enquiry rate, Flexdrive needs additional ADI’s to cover the Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby and surrounding areas. These enquires are coming from a variety or sources, principally from referral but increasingly from our multiple advertising streams.