Part 1

Section 1  – The Theory

Multiple Choice 100 Questions

4 Question bands  – min 80% per band, Overall 85% required

Band – 1 – Road Procedure

Band – 2 –

  • Traffic Signals and Signs
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Car Controls
  • Basic Mechanical Knowledge

Band – 3 –

  • The Law
  • The Practical Driving Test
  • Disabilities

Band – 4 –

  • Instructional Techniques
  • Publications

Section 2 – Hazard Perception

This is a test of your responce time. It is made up of of 14 video film clips, in which there are various Hazards – 1 clip has 2 Hazards. A hazard in these terms is anything which might make you change direction or speed.  You are scored on how fast you see the developing hazard in a window ranging from 5 to 0 points. To pass you must get at least 57 from an available 75.

Both Section 1 and 2 need to passed at the same time.

We can provide you with  a complete study pack in addition to the very good DVD’s available today.

We can provide study classes on a 1 to  basis if required, but certainly guidance and support.

Test locations are Milton Keynes, Northampton, Luton, peterborough and Cambridge.

Studying at Home is ESSENTIAL.

Part 2

Part Two – Driving

A 1 hour driving test taking in all road types

You are allowed am maximum of only 6 Driving Faults – you need to drive to a high standard.

The test is taken in Luton, Bletchley, or Northampton

The One to One training normally takes place in Northampton

The average number of 2 hour training sessions is 5, and the test is taken in our training vehicle.

Part 3

Part 3 – Instructional Ability – the hard bit!

This is a hard test to pass, but with the correct training it is straightforward.

This has recently changed (12/17) to a Standards Check similar to that which qualified ADI’s currently and routinely have to do. The examiner simply sits in the back and watches you take a lesson. Its 1 hour long, this is with a real pupil, there is no role play. You will be graded at the end of the test in the same way the Standards check is usually graded.

Typically it takes between 35 and 45 hours of training with lots of private practice to achieve a 1st time pass.

Unless otherwise agreed, the 1 to 1 training is based mainly in Northampton, although the test can be taken in Luton, Bletchly or Northampton. You would normally use our training vehicle for the training and Test.