Driving lessons should be FUN

We recognise that the process of learning to drive can be stressful and we will try and ensure that things don’t get too heavy. You will see that the vast majority of our testimonials talk of “fun”. We know this is an extremely important subject, but working hard and having a giggle leads to a very effective learning environment. Our Paid instruction supports LEARNING not EARNING.

Recommended Reading

DVSA book
highway code Success dvd DVSA driving the essential skills know your signs book

Structured Driving Lessons

cross imageNot just a let’s go for a drive and lets see what we find approach.

tick imageThey follow a syllabus that is based upon and broader than that of the DVSA’s

tick imageTypically have a start, middle and end structure:

    • Start, includes a recap on previous lesson and a review of the aims and objectives for the current lesson
    • Middle, the activity to achieve aims and objectives
    • End, a recap against the aims and objectives and task setting for next lesson and any background reading or homework set.

The Driving School’s Appointments Diary and Progress Record

progress record example 2We base the structure of our lessons around our appointments diary and progress record.
This is a booklet given to all clients and contains:

  • The syllabus – and a graduated scale of recording progress against this.
  • The appointments diary and record of payments made.
  • The show me tell me questions
  • A learning agreement.
  • A section on how to drive – overviewprogress record example 1
  • Some guidance notes for parents accompanying clients

progress record example 3We write in the book at the end of each lesson a summary of the lessons focusing on strengths and weakness from the lessons, if the objectives have been achieved and set tasks for the following lessons.

We recognise that the process of learning to drive can be stressful. We aim to work hard and play hard.

Driving Lessons are delivered using Client centred techniques :-

tick imageAt a pace that is consistent with the ability of the client to take it in. We recognise that people are different and for no good reason some clients get it quickly some take a little more time… this recognition helps to contains the stress levels. We do aim to gently push this process but never force it.
tick imageAt a suitable location which is consistent with the aims,  objectives and at a level the client is at. In the early days this will probably mean that we drive to and from the work area.
tick imageIn a way that suits the learning style of the client. We recognise that people learn in different ways and we aim to deliver the material in a way that best suits.


Typically a new subject is introduced with a briefing followed by practical, the balance tailored to each client. Demonstration, talk through, use of our pictorial plans and Ipad graphics and animations are all ways we work to help you learn and of course lots of repetition (ensuring you don’t get bored)