Driving Lesson Prices

Flexdrive’s’ New Driver Special Offer

250 bubble 01-03-2020This Offer normally applies to new learner drivers in manual cars only, but at the discretion of the Instructor, it may be offered to somebody who is already taking or has taken lessons with another school in either manual or automatic cars. Normal lesson fees apply after the offer, although block booking discounts are still available (Details from your instructor).This offer may be withdrawn at any time. Offer only valid when booked with your instructor and paid for in full and is for the full 10 hours. See terms and conditions on refund policy.

How Much Should i Pay for my Driving Lessons?

The price of a driving lesson is only one of the factors that you should consider when making your choice of driving instructor.

People often look for a driving Instructor/driving school that is good and cheap. Not Possible – good instructors don’t have to be cheap – there are only good instructors and cheap ones, unfortunately the two rarely go together as many have found to their cost. It’s not a commodity where you can just Google the lowest price. We provide a service and not a product and the price reflects the expertise we have and the time and effort we put in. This is the difference between us and other driving schools and this is why we are very successful at what we do. Have a look at our Pass Rates.

Our Paid instruction supports LEARNING not EARNING.

Manual Driving Lesson Prices

1 hr


1.5 Hr


Block 10


Pass Plus


Automatic Driving Lesson Prices

1 hr


1.5 Hr


Block 10


Pass Plus


FlexDrive offers:-

The very best learning to drive experience and at the lowest overall cost.

You will take only the appropriate amount of lessons required to pass your driving Test and equip you to cope effectively with today’s difficult roads, traffic and other drivers.

The examiners are looking for your ability to act safely at all times, sound easy?

Gift certificates for any bookings are available. It should be stressed that 2 hour sessions are sometimes too long a teaching period for most people as peak concentration reduces significantly over time. This is not cost effective for you. 1.5 hour slots are often the most efficient time period. The majority of our clients choose this option.

Price promise, referral scheme and how much is it going to cost?

I am confident that our calm, relaxed and fun approach will provide an excellent environment for you to progress effectively. In the unlikely event that your first lesson is not really enjoyed you will not have to pay for it.

If we are lucky enough to be recommended by you and a booking follows your referral you will earn a free lesson(1hr) or a £10 gift card of your choice or a tenner!

On average, a pupil needs two hours of tuition for each year of their age and half as much again of private tuition between lessons. However, everybody is different and recognising this, lessons are tailored to your abilities. The DVSA have quoted 40-45 hours of professional tuition.

Flexdrive’s Driving School Pass rate for Driving Lessons

flexdrive - better than national schools
61 percent better

figures for 2015

How we get the Stats.

For the UK comparison

We have taken the 2013/14 UK pass rate of 47.1% and compared to our pass rate of 79.4% , this gives a 66% improvement.

For Local comparison

We have averaged the average of the local test centres, Wellingborough, Northampton and Kettering and compared to our pass rate of 79.4%, this gives a 61% improvement.

Pass rate table for the whole of UK

The data below has been taken from the official government figures, the document can be viewed here.

Male testsFemale testsTotal tests2
ConductedPassesPass rate (%)ConductedPassesPass rate (%)ConductedPassesPass rate (%)
Annually (financial years)
2014/15 YTD535,504271,05550.6589,094257,89643.81,124,600528,95247.0

Pass rate table for our local Test Centres

The data below has been taken from the official government figures, the document can be viewed here.

!st time Car pass rates, gender and Test Centre including zero faults recorded
Time Period2013-14
1st attempts1st attempt passespass %1st test with zero faults1st attempts1st attempt passespass %1st test with zero faults1st attempts1st attempt passespass %1st test with zero faults

Term and Conditions

  • be qualified to teach you to drive.
  • teach you to the DVSA requirements.
  • be regularly checked by the DVSA.
  • not smoke during your lesson.
  • always be punctual.
  • and give a full time lesson, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.
  • Lesson fees must be paid in advance and will be reviewed annually. All pre-paid lessons must be taken within six months of purchase.
  • Lesson Schedule – pupils are requested to give adequate notice should lessons need to be rescheduled. Minimum 24hrs
  • Please note that booked lessons will be charged for in the event of cancellation unless 24 hours notice is given.
  • New driver offer – If only part of the hours are taken a refund will be given within the terms and conditions, the calculation of the refund assumes the hours taken were at the full hourly rate.This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • If in the event that the client is not sufficiently independent and safe, Flexdrive reserves the right to withdraw the use of the test vehicle for that booked test
  • This would usually be confirmed by a Mock Driving Test or Tests
  • The booked test can still be taken, just not in a Flexdrive Vehicle