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Flexdrive Driving School – For all your driver training needs. Quality not quantity.

Flexdrive’s local driving instructors deliver the most superior manual and automatic driving lessons Corby has to offer – at a low cost. We recognise that learning to drive is not just a physical skill so our aim is to develop drivers with not only the right skills but the right attitudes for safe driving.

Working with Flexdrive will be FUN, focused and superb value.

The Driving Schools goal is to get you safe and Pass quickly. See our Mission Statement.


Why Choose a Flexdrive Driving Instructor in Corby?

Flexdrive Driving school covers the town and the surrounding villages. We are efficient, cheap, dedicated driver trainers. We are of course all:

  • Fully approved by the DVSA
  • Have CRB clearance
  • All our driving instructors are fully qualified

Driver training at Flexdrive is on a one to one basis centred around your personal needs and learning process. We are experts in establishing how you learn best – simply asking this questions is a great start. We are bang up to date with our teaching and coaching techniques – tablet apps are used extensively harnessed and tempered by our many years of experience.

Our ADI’s (approved driving instructors) make ourselves available at all times of the day(within reason) recognising that many are on shift patterns – diary permitting we are incredibly flexible.

Intensive Driving Courses in Corby

Flexdrive driving school believes our semi intensive driving courses develop more rounded and better drivers than the fully intensive “pass in a week” courses – so that’s why we don’t do them. Developing the necessary skills comes from an iterative learning process and this cannot be forced. At Flexdrive we recognise that we cannot show/expose a new driver to every situation they are likely to come across once passed but WE can coach them how they can learn from there own experiences, i.e. how to use the skills learnt in situation A for the new situation B. We also are well aware that getting to test standard ASAP is very important so our work will ensure you fast track to a successful test result – usually first time.

This Corby Driving School Offers:-

Throughout Northamptonshire Flexdrive offers a wide range of training, including:-

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info image  tick image Money is tight using it wisely is so important.

Every learning experience, including your driving lessons (which you pay for) should be making you feel you are getting a good return for your investment. i.e not wasting your money. All Flexdrive’s driving lessons do. Does Learning faster and saving money sound good?