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chris2If you want the best value and top quality driving lessons in Buckingham – then give Flexdrive a call – 01280 472674

Flexdrive’s DVSA approved Driving Instructors have a reputation of excellence and real value for money – the best Lowest Cost Driving Lessons in Buckingham.

Our manual Buckingham driving lessons  are presented in a cool, calm and collected manner. Its a FUN way to learn to drive.

The Driving Schools goal is to get you safe and Pass quickly. See our Mission Statement.

Why Choose a Flexdrive Driving Instructor in Buckingham – “Its a smart call” – Excellent Pass rates.

Flexdrive Driving school has simple but effective, professional driver training. We are of course all:

  • Fully DVSA approved
  • CRB checked and cleared
  • our driving instructors are fully qualified

Its personal – we recognise its your learning not ours, so lessons are focused on your needs and particular learning goals. Our experience and modern driver training techniques will help you to get safe and pass as soon as possible.
Our driving instructors are flexible, offering driving lessons from early morning (really early, 6am is not unusual) right through into the evening, fitting in with the busy lives of people today.

Buckingham Intensive Driving Course

If you are want to pass ASAP, we have semi intensive courses. In our view the “pass in a week” fully intensive courses others offer do not prepare you sufficiently for today’s roads. Flexdrives’ concentrated driving lesson structure over a period of a few weeks – maybe taking multiple driving lessons each week tracking towards a test date works very well.

This is not a “fully intensive” type or course.

Buckingham Driving School Offers:-

In Buckingham and all over Buckinghamshire, Flexdrive offers a broad range of training, including:-

Driving Lessons in Bedford

Taking Driving lessons in Buckingham already? Going Well?

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info image  tick imageMoney is valuable, so spend it wisely – are you getting want you want from your Driving Instructor?

Every one of your driving Lessons should be enjoyable. Each one should leave you feeling that you’re not wasting your time or money.  Flexdrive has loads of testimonials – we will be able to help you get your mojo back? Does Learning faster and saving money sound good?

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