Driving instructor Training – Trainee Licence Option

Trainee Licence Option

Its called a “Pink Licence”. The objective is to allow you to start teaching and earning whilst gaining experience prior to your part 3. You can only apply for this after you have passed your part 2, where the examiner will provide you with an application form.


The rules are:

  • Only valid for 6 months
  • You must have had 40 hours of part 3 training by an appropriate trainer – records of this must be kept.
  • Your sponsoring establishment must have equal qualified ADI’s to sponsored PDI’s.
  • You are not fully qualified and must not advertise yourself as such.
  • You will have to carry out a full DSB (formally CRB) Check.
  • You must be supervised for 1/5th of your teaching time or have a further 20 hours Part 3 training.

Or alternatively Flexdrive can:

  • Let you sit in the back and watch our instructors work – no cost
  • Actually take a lesson with your trainer sitting in the back – just a usual Part 3 hourly rate.

This will allow you gain the experience that might just give you the edge for that valuable “passed my Part 3 1st time” accolade.