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small pic of Chris HowardOur DVSA approved Driving instructors, Chris Howard, Nigel Coleman, Steve White and Rafal Zaborowski offer you an Honest and Professional approach to teaching you to drive. All our manual and automatic driving lessons are calm, patient, effective and FUN.

Flexdrive has, and is very proud of one of the best First Time Pass Rates. There is an unbeatable pricing structure, ranging from our fantastic introductory offer to our competitively priced standard driving lessons. We also have significant block booking discounted rates and at all times you are assured the best instruction and value.

The driving school’s goal is to get you safe and pass quickly. Central to this is the need to help new drivers acquire not only the right skills but the right attitude for driving safely. See our Mission Statement

Why Choose a Flexdrive Driving Instructor?

  • Excellent First time Pass Rates
  • Helps you to get safe and PASS quickly
  • Receives the majority of new clients via referral
  • Has an excellent working relationship with the DVSA examiners
  • DO NOT do “cheap Driving Lessons” – there are range of incentives to join the school

Flexdrive always sets up a learning environment unique to your needs. We recognise that the “one size  fits all” teaching model doesn’t work – we focus on what is best for you – whilst keeping in mind the end goals of getting you safe, passing first time and all in he shortest possible time. This is the basis for our Client Centred Learning  process.

Already Taking Driving Lessons?

“….Thank u yeah I really enjoyed the lesson it was so much different to my previous ones and so much better.I can already say it was worth the wait to have u as my instructor :)…..”

info image cross image NOT enjoying your lessons…Not making progress…Doing the same things every time…Uncomfortable…We are refreshingly different… is Learning Faster and Saving Money worth a look see? Remember YOU ARE PAYING for this, you should feel like you are getting value for money ….

More Reasons to Choose Flexdrive:-

We will ensure you only will take the appropriate number of driving lessons required to equip you to cope with today’s difficult roads, traffic and other drivers. The DVSA examiners are looking for your ability to act safely, sensibly and comply with the law at all times, sound easy? Its not, you need to be properly trained to do this!

We are of course all:

See what our Clients are saying:-

“Fantastic school, care more about you being safe to drive and getting you to pass rather than just money in their pocket-rather refreshing after having several other instructors over the years. Steve and I’m sure all of Chris’ team are fantastic instructors.”
driving lessons in wellingborough | Hayley cooper passes with FlexdriveHayley Cooper from Wellingborough, Read more >>>

This Northamptonshire Driving School Offers:-

Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Gearbox Picture

Are you wanting to take automatic driving lessons in Northamptonshire?

Flexdrive driving instructors offer expert teaching in an automatic car to help you pass your driving test quickly and easily. info image

Intensive Driving Course in Northamptonshire

Flexdrive does not offer the “pass in a week” type of intensive driving course. Whilst some pass their driving test in this way, we do not believe that this type of course can effectively equip an individual to drive safely under all road and traffic conditions. What we do offer are intense, focused driving courses tailored to your needs. These are delivered over a period of a days/weeks allowing for development of the fundamental skills needed. info image

ADI Training and Standards Check Coaching

licences -pink and greenIf you want to become a driving instructor(ADI) we have an excellent track record in presenting candidates who pass the part 3 first time. We will also “rescue” those who are struggling. Our training is focused on you becoming the very best ADI and at the same time aligning your skills into passing the dreaded part 3 first time. Parts 1,2 and 3 are delivered at your pace, fast or slow.  The recent introduction of the new standards check is producing significantly more FAILS than the previous check test, so being adequately prepared is essential. Flexdrive will show you the way to both improving your instructing/coaching skills and techniques and on to getting that grade A. Both the ADI training and standards test coaching is carried out by our own grade A(49/51) trainer info image.

We also have the following Expertise to deliver:-

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